Review of iSMARTPRO CD Holder 2 in 1

I’ve been looking for a cell phone holder for a while, the last one I had is really cheap and like you guessed, didn’t last long, it broken within the first moneth.

Finally I found iSmartPRO CD and air vent cell phone holder. It comes with 2 holders, one for CD slot, one for air vent, and 4 pieces of metal. The installation is extremely easy, you just put the metal piece inside of your cell phone case, or if you don’t have a case, you can use the one with a sticker(2 of the 4) to stick the back of the phone. then what you need ot do is to magnetize to the holder.

The CD slot holder has a screw which allows you to tie it up if you feel it’s a little loose. Air vent holder is small, you plug it in the air vent. They are really steady, and my cellphone never fall off from the holder.



Really glad I made the purchase.




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