How to choose a good double stroller

A double stroller is not only a good choice if you have twins, but will work just as well with children in different stages of development. Therefore, if you do not have twins, but plan on have a few children; it might be best to purchase a double stroller from the beginning. Until that second child is born the second see can be used for extra storage. Here are a few tips for choosing the double stroller that is best for you and your family.



An uncomfortable child can be a fussy child. Purchase a double stroller that is adjustable. You want to be able to adjust the seat to fit you infant as well as you are able to fit your toddler. You child needs to sit firmly in the seat yet have enough room to stretch and move their arms and legs.

Also make sure the seats will recline completely so a tired baby can lay back for a nap.

Finally check to make sure there is some kind of overhead rain and sun shield so baby does not get wet or sunburned.



Check the brake system on your double stroller. Make sure it is easy to reach and is effective at keeping the stroller in position. Be sure you can see both children easily while they are in the stroller. This way it will be obvious if a child is in distress and needs tending. Make sure the front bar is padded as protection against sudden bumps and shakes.


Check the double stroller to make sure it is easy to use. See if you can clip toys to the stroller.

Check for a place to store diaper bags and other paraphernalia you might need to keep your children comfortable.

Is the handlebar adjustable for easy pushing?

Determine if the double stroller will fit easily into your car, SUV, or mini-van. Make sure there is also sufficient room for other items you might need with the stroller in your vehicle.

Ease of Use

Make sure the double stroller is lightweight yet sturdy. Remember, you will usually be holding your baby in one arm and picking up the stroller with the other hand.

Check to see that the double stroller it is easy to maneuver around corners. The wheels should swivel 360 degrees.

Find out if the stroller folds up easily for storage. And, just as important; make sure it unfolds easily too. Make sure the double stroller is easy to push without having to bend over. And check to see if it is easily maneuvered using only one hand. Many times you will have to hold your child with one arm and push the stroller through crowds and obstacle courses with the other hand.


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